Captain on board luxury river cruise ship

Your responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring a smooth operation of the entire nautical department on board
  • Retaining full knowledge of the Company standards and operating procedures and responsible for the implementation on board
  • Ensuring reaching constant higher guest satisfaction

Your education / Your experience

  • Professional experience as a Captain or Staff Captain
  • Qualification as a Captain on the Danube, on the Rhine, Main, Moselle, or the Seine and Rhône & Saône rivers in France.
  • A or B river patent
  • Radar and radio certificate
  • Good communication level in English and German or other international languages for navigation purposes

Your skills

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Team player
  • Familiar to work in a multicultural environment
  • Good social skills, ability to interact with guests
  • Organized and dependable personality with a deep sense of responsibility to others