• Who is the right candidate for Scenic:

    At Scenic, we believe in positive attitude and passion for your work, in proven work experience with establishments which taught you everything you know today. Our selection process follows these principles. Amazing People Creating Wonder is our mantra, and we go to great lengths to ensure we select only those people who can create memorable guest experiences.

    Crew Benefits:

    • Complimentary crew internet
    • Complimentary haircut once per month
    • Complimentary sport massage
    • 2 complete rest days off per month
    • Possibility for all crewmembers to use the Gym / Fitness
    • Crew entertainment center in the crew area
    • Possibility to join guest excursions
    • TV and movies on demand in each crew cabin
    • Discounts onboard shop items

More details about your contract, benefits and training you can find in our crew brochure


  • "My journey with Scenic started in 2014 when I joined in France as a Restaurant and Bar Steward. The company supported me in developing my leadership skills, and every new year I stepped up into a new position. I made my way up to Butler, Head Butler, Assistant Restaurant Manager until I reached the Restaurant Manager position I strongly believe that amazing people creating wonder, and I’m looking forward to the future with the Scenic Family."

  • "I’ve joined Scenic in the middle of season 2014. From onwards, I’ve made steps from Night auditor to HM. The reason I love Scenic is this story. The opportunity we have with Scenic is something that I didn’t have in my country, and it is the same with all crew members. Scenic gave me the opportunity, and it was up to me if I was going to use it. Scenic is recognizing people with potential and is giving them a chance. I believe this is the most appreciated value a company can have. For people who want to Strive to be the best it is an ideal environment."

Life On Board a Scenic River ship

Life On Board a Emerald River ship